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An update from Hearing Voices Network

Unfortunately Hearing Voices group 'Quiet Space' (PSS Umbrella Centre) is currently postponed due to Covid restrictions ; here's a list of helpful resources the HV network has shared with us...

From Hearing Voices Network:

Engaging with Voices: A series of videos exploring ways of engaging with voices in a more compassionate way

Living with voices: 50 stories of recovery (book)

Our Multimedia section - with lots of info on voice-hearing and different ways of understanding and working with voices:

Our free downloads section - with coping strategies etc:

Other useful links:

Understanding Voices: Living with Voices section:

Includes coping strategy toolkit, managing difficult voices at work/study and plenty of information written by people who hear voices for people who hear voices. The rest of the site has useful information as well.

Rufus May’s resources:

(Rufus was diagnosed with schizophrenia in his youth and is now a psychologist. I really like some of his resources):

The British Psychological Society’s ‘Understanding Psychosis’ report:

Hearing Voices Forum (in assoc. with Intervoice)

For Young People:

Voice Collective: (aimed at children and young people under the age of 25, but has a great range of strategies and ideas for all. They also run a support forum for people under 25 and their supporters (see their website for more info). For those able to get to London, they support a small network of peer support groups and can offer some individual support (email, phone and in person).

Listen Up! Youth Voice Hearing Exhibition in Durham (includes podcast and artwork from young people)

Breaking the Silence: a fresh approach to hearing voices in childhood and adolescence:

Young People Hearing Voices: What you need to know and what you can do; Dr Sandra Escher and Dr. Marius Romme (book)

Parents - don’t panic if your child is Hearing Voices, it’s actually quite common:

A recommendation for family and friends:

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