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An update from Hearing Voices Network

Unfortunately Hearing Voices group 'Quiet Space' (PSS Umbrella Centre) is currently postponed due to Covid restrictions ; here's a list of helpful resources the HV network has shared with us...

From Hearing Voices Network:

Our Getting help and support page:

Our approach to Hearing Voices:

Engaging with Voices: A series of videos exploring ways of engaging with voices in a more compassionate way

Living with voices: 50 stories of recovery (book)

Find a Hearing Voices Group:

Our Multimedia section - with lots of info on voice-hearing and different ways of understanding and working with voices:

Our free downloads section - with coping strategies etc:

Other useful links:

Understanding Voices: Living with Voices section:

Includes coping strategy toolkit, managing difficult voices at work/study and plenty of information written by people who hear voices for people who hear voices. The rest of the site has useful information as well.

Rufus May’s resources:

(Rufus was diagnosed with schizophrenia in his youth and is now a psychologist. I really like some of his resources):

A practical guide to coping with voices:

The British Psychological Society’s ‘Understanding Psychosis’ report:

Hearing Voices Forum (in assoc. with Intervoice)

For Young People:

Voice Collective: (aimed at children and young people under the age of 25, but has a great range of strategies and ideas for all. They also run a support forum for people under 25 and their supporters (see their website for more info). For those able to get to London, they support a small network of peer support groups and can offer some individual support (email, phone and in person).

The Mix: Help, I’m Hearing Voices:

Listen Up! Youth Voice Hearing Exhibition in Durham (includes podcast and artwork from young people)

Breaking the Silence: a fresh approach to hearing voices in childhood and adolescence:

Young People Hearing Voices: What you need to know and what you can do; Dr Sandra Escher and Dr. Marius Romme (book)

Parents - don’t panic if your child is Hearing Voices, it’s actually quite common:

A recommendation for family and friends:

An article on how to talk with someone who is hearing voices:

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