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Barn transformation Project

Episode 5 The pond is open to residents

Our trusty band of volunteers have created a beautiful pond and they'd like to share with you how they did it.

Step 1

Find a piece of ground and dig a pond-shaped hole - this one is 6 metres x 4 metres - with shelves for plants and a big shallow area for wildlife to come for a drink and a sunbathe. And make sure it's at least 2 feet/30cms deep in the middle so the pond doesn't freeze over and creatures can hide away in the winter.

The pole in the middle helped us to check the edge of the pond was level using string and a spirit level. This is important because an uneven edge would mean the pond liner would show where the edge was higher. Step 2

Then once you've shaped it a bit more and smoothed off the edges, add a layer of sand and a fleece to protect the rubber liner from stones and roots.

Step 3

Put the pond liner in, hold it in place with rocks and add some water. After all the hard work up to this point, this was a very exciting moment!

Step 4

Put some rocks in the bottom to keep the beach area from falling into the middle and for creatures to hide between. A piece of liner offcut was placed under the rocks to protect the liner.

Step 5

Put some fleece on the beach area to help keep the cobbles in place. Then add cobbles and more water.

Oh - and get pond plants! Lots of 'em! Then have a lovely time arranging plants and cobbles on the shelves and keep filling!

We were already enjoying the reflections on the water.

And here's where we're up to.

As you can see we have the edges to finish. Once the edge of the fleece and liner are trimmed, what's left will be covered with rocks and pebbles. In time we'll do some more planting and eventually the pond will mature and seem like it's always been there.

But already it's a lovely thing just to be beside. And as for visitors - we'd spotted a beetle that was too quick for the camera swimming amongst the pebbles, but our first major visitor came from a rescue mission by Making Days folks who saved this lad or lass from the mower.

We're hoping she/he will decide to move in.

And look who else has moved in! We're not sure how many fairies we have, but given the speed with which they set up home, we reckon at least a handful.

Meanwhile in the pumpkin patch...

...things are coming along very nicely.

And while we're a bit late with the planting up - it's great to see this vounteer-made planter full of colour.

And what barn post would be complete without a photo or two of our always busy buzzy residents.

We hope you enjoyed this peek at a another incredibly productive month down at the barn.

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Sep 07, 2021

What a beautiful project that has come to life, thanks to the many hands and nature loving volunteers! Made my heart smile seeing how the pond is thriving and the plants and veggies and the fairy house is adorable.

Sep 08, 2021
Replying to

Thankyou Bev your comments are always amazing hope you are well


Sep 03, 2021

Really fab, it’s a real joy going to the barn to see what’s happening next, tranquil peaceful and full of love. Thankyou to everyone who put so much work in


Sep 02, 2021

The pond looks amazing. Well done to all involved


Sep 01, 2021


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