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Call out for participants to take part in University of Liverpool study.

The University of Liverpool are seeking participants to take part in a study exploring:

"Alcohol use among people with lived experience of a mental health problem".

There's a £20 Love2Shop voucher on offer for volunteering your time to the study!

The University of Liverpool are conducting one-to-one interviews with people who have a diagnosis of a mental health problem. The aim of the study is to explore people’s experiences of drinking or not drinking alcohol, the reasons for this and whether this changed before or after receiving their mental health diagnosis.

You can take part if:

· Have had a diagnosis of either bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or other psychotic condition

· Are a current drinker or non-drinker but have previously drank alcohol

· Are aged 18 or older

You cannot take part if:

· Have a current alcohol use disorder

· Had an alcohol use disorder diagnosed in the last two years

For more information please contact Jo-Anne Puddephatt via email ( or telephone (07547 401947)

Principal Investigator: Dr Laura Goodwin

Name of researcher: Jo-Anne Puddephatt

*Please note this post is in partnership with the University of Liverpool so if you have any questions about this project you're best to contact them directly on the information provided above.*

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