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Cultural Highlights – May

This month we will see an important moment in history as we head towards a Coronation Weekend for His Majesty the King.

Maybe you’re not a fan of royal fanfare and need a distraction? Or maybe you’re a history enthusiast who loves learning more? Either way Corinne Jones provides us with a selection of stories about captivating commoners from the past.

10th May at 5.30pm. Art Unlocked The Kirklees Collection

A diverse, and at its heart, a magnificent group of British paintings from the early twentieth century by artists connected with the New English Art Club and the Camden Town Group. Huddersfield Art Gallery moved out its iconic Art Deco library & art gallery building in the centre of Huddersfield in 2020 in anticipation of a major regeneration project to create Huddersfield’s vibrant new Cultural Heart.

14th May at 8pm. Catherine Eddowes: Not just a Ripper victim

Nathalie takes you to Bermondsey to tell you about the fascinating life of Catherine Eddowes. Catherine is famous for her grisly death at the hands of Jack the Ripper, but today we are exploring her life story and not her tragic end. Please note that despite the image used we are not going to her resting place, but to a place connected to her life.

16th May at 2pm. Researching family history

Join our experts as they introduce you to the key 20th century sources for family history, including the 1939 Register, and the 1921 and 1911 Census. You will learn how to maximise your use of these popular sources, setting you on your way to discover more about your family tree.

18th May at 7pm. Meet the real Ann Walker - Gentleman Jack’s wife

Rebecca Batley is by profession an archaeologist and historian, with a particular interest in women’s history. Her book on Ann Walker was published in January. Rebecca’s work can also be found in numerous other publications.

24th May at 7pm. Ancient Jewellery from Greece and Rome

In this talk Alexandra will be discussing the jewellery trends of Ancient Rome and Greece.

Exploring what jewellery designs were like thousands of years ago, as well as looking at pieces and discussing their properties and importance, this talk is set to investigate the significance of jewellery in these two different countries.

26th May at 1pm. Viking Archaeology

Dr Marianne Moen research includes the Viking age, as well as gender archaeology and feminist perspectives. Her work explores the fast-paced, global, cosmopolitan and changing world of Ireland in the 9th and 10th centuries. Here, she will share with us how houses were used to frame daily life as well as to adapt and create a new urban culture during this time.

26th May at 1pm. The Peasant Revolt

Join the Shoe Lane Library's monthly Historical Discussion Group, where this May we will be discussing the Peasants' Revolt and other revolts that have occurred to date. They will be looking at some notorious figures that have been linked to memorable riots and revolutions through history and how people came together.

31st May at 6.30pm Lord Bryon

Join us for a lively conversation in which Bernard Beatty and Jerome McGann will discuss their new books on Byron with one another and the audience.

And at any time you wish!

Take a virtual tour of Frida Kahlo's house in Mexico.

A set of short videos about making pottery.

Culture Vultures outings are:

National Museums Liverpool - The Return of the Gods

17 May 11am 12 places free places

A trip to Strawberry Fields

30th May at 2pm cost £5 each 12 places

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