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Culture Vultures 08.07.21

Born today on the 8 Jul 1831, John Styth Pemberton was an American pharmacist, who invented Coca-Cola in 1885. At first it was a tonic, French Wine Coca. Later he modified the formula by omitting the alcohol and adding other vegetable essences. The new syrup was meant to be a sure cure for headaches. Pemberton claimed astounding medical properties for his French Wine Coca, which was marketed as a patent medicine and cure for many illness

So my question for the chat in the cafe is what is the best cola you have had, be it Pepsi, Coca Cola or any other brand, and can you tell the difference


8 July at 7.00 to 8.00 pm Deeper- Kate Davies from the AND festival. No booking needed, just click on the link. Artist and architect Kate Davies will be joined in conversation by with marine biologist Steve Simpson to talk about her AND Festival 2021 commission By the Sound of Things an immersive audiovisual experience onboard the unique steam-powered, Mersey-built boat, the Daniel Adamson. The work explores sonic resonances of global sea trade through a hypnotic binaural sound work and accompanying film.

9 July Weedweavers at 8.00 pm no booking required just click on.

Both Artists live and work in Rotterdam, a major port city like Liverpool; their project is fed by the ways in which the two ports relate to each other. Taking inspiration from cutting edge research into algae forms conducted by a band of formidable women in Liverpool in the early 20th Century, Weedweavers explores feminist and non-traditional science practices, myths, recipes, stories of ports, and algae through gatherings in June, culminating in this live broadcast.

Saturday 10 July. 4.00 to 5.00 pm Interested in digital photography? Whether you want to learn how to take better pictures or you are thinking of learning more about digital photography this free on-line seminar is for you. Master photographer David Coleman covers different options and recommendations on various camera types, photographic tools, equipment, and lenses. This photography presentation is best suited for beginner photographers that are thinking of buying a camera.

10 July 11.00 to 3.00 Well-being Scotland. The wellbeing music festival promises to be a day full of entertainment with some of our favourite musicians in the central belt of Scotland. With a line up to be announced a little later, we can already guarantee that these musicians will rock your socks off!

STOP PRESS NEWS ON WELL-BEING SCOTLAND EVENT There have been a few changes to the running of the festival. We will now be running the event through facebook live. Performances will be on the hour, every hour from 10am until 10pm! We had such a large interest from high quality musicians from all over the world wanting to get involved in this festival. We wanted to make sure we were accommodating and this is the best way for us to do this.

Here is the facebook page we will be streaming from:

Please go like the page and turn notifications on to be notified when the first act is going live at 10am

11 July 10.00 am to 11.00 am You'll meet martial artist Pui Lee, student of the world renowned Sifu Edmund Ng. Improve your fitness, co-ordination and self-control in this workshop for beginners, where you will learn stretches, stances, kicks, strikes and combination movements from this exciting martial art. As you learn Kung Fu, you will train your mind and your body in an exciting journey for self-improvement and personal development.

14 July at 6.30 silent movies makeup and Beauty treatments

The link between romantic novelist and glamour icon Elinor Glyn and silent horror film star Lon Chaney Snr may not be at first apparent. On the face of it they have nothing in common. However, this talk will explore a shared background in the fascination and narrative effect of make-up, facial surgery, and beauty treatments that takes its route through the medical advances made during the First World War and into the post war visual culture.

Wednesday 14 July 6.00 to 8.00 A meditative sonic visual experience Autograph and artist Wilfred Ukpong invite you to build a visual and sonic relationship with the Niger Delta through film, speculative soundscapes, performance and conversation. The Niger Delta incorporates Ukpong’s homeland in Southern Nigeria. Once a major producer of palm oil for British colonisers, the territory is considered the mainstay of the Nigerian economy for its large oil reserves and its rich biodiversity due to the presence of rivers, mangroves, freshwater forests, and marine estuaries. In recent years, the region has been at the centre of environmental justice campaigns, with concerns over pollution caused by major spills and flares at the hands of oil and gas industry giants.

Painting of the week Podcasts, a podcast for each week, here’s the link for episodes one to Six including JMW Turner, Claude Monet and the wonderful Frida Kahlo

Who was the real Rob Roy MacGregor. Rob Roy was many things but who was the real Rob Roy. Scottish history tour guide Bruce Fummey takes you on a trip around some of the beautiful places in Rob Roy country as he tells the tale from Scotland’s history

Boudica the story behind

In AD 60-61 Boudica, queen of the Iceni tribe in East Anglia, led a fierce British revolt against the Roman occupation that sent a shockwave to the emperor Nero in Rome and a message of defiance. this online panel discussion explores the story, myth and impact of Boudica. Speakers include the British Museum Curator Julia Farley, acclaimed writer and archaeologist Sam Moorhead and National Finds advisor for Iron Age and Roman coins Andrew Brown. This is a recorded version of the live event

Thanks for listening and see you next week


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Jul 13, 2021

Thank you Corinne fab links as always.Wellbeing Scotland very good



Jul 09, 2021

Coca cola or Pepsi 😊

Jul 14, 2021
Replying to

Love that he he, thanks


Jul 08, 2021

Aww thanks so much Corinne. Some lovely links. I'm intrigued by the weedweavers and a touch of wellbeing scotland might be in order. And of course I want to check out the photography. See you at the barn next week 😊🌻

Jul 14, 2021
Replying to

Thanks Gail, see you for singing best wishes


Jul 08, 2021


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