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Culture Vultures 19.11.20

Hi Everyone,

Today is National 'play Monopoly day'; a game that always caused uproar when I played it with my children when they were younger!

So my question for the Chat this week is : what is your favourite board game? Head over to the Chat page to get involved in the conversions..

This weeks from the show must go on is Shakespeare’s the Tempest

Just loved this a tale from the Gairloch Museum Scotland called Gille Dubh, the last of the fairies

Also felt really moved by this “The source of Art is a life of a people”. From the South London Gallery and inscribed on the gallery floor in 1897. The quote is read by poet Jude Yawson and friends of the gallery.

Using his own camera collection as a jumping off point, chemist Andrew Szydlo takes you through a sort of “crash course” on the history of photography in 41 minutes.

Senate house library London with an interesting blog called exploring Charles Dickens

LIMF FESTIVAL and UNTOLD STORIES is a series of four short documentaries brought to you by Jernice Easthope. They take you on a historical journey, retelling stories from Liverpool’s music scene including the infamous Kirklands in the 70s and 80s, successful black music songs to emerge from Merseyside, the Caribbean carnival and the next generation of music to come. Follow links below to watch

COMEDYSPORTZ Two teams compete for your laughs with fast paced gags, games, sketches and songs inspired by audience suggestions. There’s a referee on hand to keep things moving and keep it clean in this family friendly competitive comedy show.

Free Every Wednesday and Saturday at 7.00pm.

Link below is for Saturday 21 November

For more info

Southbank Centre. Thursday 19 November 2020, 7.30pm to 8.30pm

Location: Online. Audience: Open to all. Free admission, booking not required

join Sarah Owen-Hughes as she takes you on a journey through the evolution of plant science and how technology is transforming the shape of our crops. You may never garden in the same way again!

Joining Instructions. The lecture will be given remotely using Collaborate Ultra (not Zoom).

On clicking the link, the site asks for your name (any name will do but it is useful for the attendance record). You are then asked for access to your microphone and camera. On doing this you gain access to the web page with both the microphone and camera switched off. You then have to click the two icons at the bottom centre of the page to switch them on/off as required. It is best to switch off your microphone during the talk.

25 November at 6.30 The rise of the Valkyrie mythical and real women.

Life and death in a Viking battle depended not on military prowess, but on the favour of the valkyries. Viking myths about valkyries attempt to elevate the banality of war

Book this free event via Eventbrite

The London History Festival 16 to 26 November This literary festival aims to bring the work of the finest historians to the widest possible audience.

Classical music week from the Southbank centre 22 November

The four-movement cycle, that begins with Dillon’s 2017 work was commissioned by the London Sinfonietta. The Scottish composer in this work appears to transform the ancient Greek goddess of magic, Circe, into an enchanting musical form, with moments of suspense, playfulness and mystical musicality throughout.

A free eight week course on George Garrett, Merchant Seaman, writer, playwright and founder member of Liverpool’s Unity Theatre, he was a radical activist and a ‘militant advocate of tolerance’ who travelled the world and wrote a series of short stories and plays. beginning on Wednesday 25th November. The sessions will be from 6pm-7.30pm. Apply for a place by midday Monday 23 November via the link.

Thanks for listening best wishes to all and see you next week


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