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Culture Vultures 29.04.21

Hello Culture Vultures!

It’s international Dance Day today. Sounds fun, so why not pick a song and have a dance around the room?!

The question for this week's chat is: What’s your favourite music to dance to and do you prefer to dance or just watch? Head over to the 'Brolly Cafe' page to get involved in the chat forum :)

This weeks suggestions:

Tahitian Dancing

As it international dance day what about some Tahitian dancing, free just book in advance for this session. You can also book for further sessions if you enjoy the class

Tahitian dance comes from French Polynesia, located in the Pacific Ocean. This dance is different from other Polynesian islands dance although similar. Tahitian dance consists mostly in hips’ movements with knees slightly bent, accompanied by gestures with the arms talking you through a story telling. Tahitian dance is barefoot and only requires a pareo, a short or long cloth tied around your hips.

6th May 6.00 to 7.00pm, book here:

Life beneath the Ice

The Antarctic may appear almost lifeless above the frozen ocean surface but below is a rich, varied, and complex community of species shaped by dramatic past geological, oceanographic and climate changes. Home to around twenty thousand species, Antarctica’s marine life is specially adapted to the coldest ocean on Earth.

29th April from 7.30 to 9.00pm. Its free, book via link below:

Romantic rebellion in the arts

free 11/2 hour taster session A discussion about the period in question, c.1790-1840 in the arts. texts and artworks which fuelled the romantic mindset. Concepts of national identity and patriotism in the late 18th – early 19th century.

4th May at 6.30pm:

The Handlebards

On Thursday 6th May from 7.30 to 9.00 pm

Join the original cast of The Tempest as they attempt a dramatic reading of the play over zoom with only half a day to rehearse and only using props and costume that they can find around their homes:

Humming birds and bees.

Flowers of plants pollinated by animals display some of nature’s most astonishing variation in colour, scent and shape. But how has this outstanding diversity evolved?

The Met museum of Art

A Talk about camels in the cloisters:

Liverpool - Turn of the Tide

A fab video:

A beginners guide to photography.

Having seen some fantastic photos on the blog I thought this might be useful for others who need a bit of advice.

MC Escher

Mesmerised by a world made up of patterns and puzzles, MC Escher was a master manipulator of image and perspective, whose work was well-known for obscuring reality – with Escher, nothing was ever quite as it seemed. But, despite being hugely popular with the public, Escher never quite managed to convince a sceptical art world to appreciate his work. Here’s a short documentary about his work:

A further documentary if you want further information about this amazing artist:


Dancer and founder of World Bhangra Day, Hardeep Sahota presents a visual dictionary of movement, using dance and photography to explore the rich history of Bhangra.

Known globally for it’s energetic and upbeat qualities, Bhangra has a global reach with varied audiences around the world, however its rich history and depth are not widely understood.

Thanks for listening and see you all next week!


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