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Culture Vultures 29.07.20

" Hi everybody,

Today is National wiggle your toes day, which leads us on to the Theatre:


Odd Socks Productions

King Lear”. 7pm on Friday 31 July

The Overcoat

Get the coat, get the girl, change the world!

In a futile government department reminiscent of Chaplin’s ‘Modern Times’, Akakki falls in love with the beautiful Natalia. His feelings for her are not returned; this drives him to be the best and win the ultimate office prize – the overcoat. But how far is Akakki willing to go? And at what cost?

Inspired by Gogol’s short story, The Overcoat creates an intoxicating world where a man’s thoughts and dreams spill out into everyday life

Myth Live at the Palace Theatre

New rock musical Myth: The Rise And Fall Of Orpheus, directed by Arlene Phillips and written by Sam Cassidy


Travel expenses in the Middle Ages

A virtual tour of the Sistine Chapel

Artists engaging with the Bluecoat Chambers


The fab Ukelele orchestra of Great Britain with a Documentary called Pluck and the world Plucks with you

Followed by the orchestra at the Albert Hall playing Ode to Joy with the audience joining in with their own ukeleles

And if you like this, catch some of our own Strumbrellas renditions of songs on the Upbeat Blog.

The Yorkshire Festivals of stories

Discover ancient myths and folk tales. Unlock the stories that have shaped our world. Challenge the stories of today.

The Fabric District Festival 2020

The UK’s first socially-distanced outdoor art gallery to open post-lockdown is launching in the Fabric District, and we hope you’ll come and check it out.

Walk with Me, a new solo exhibition by international artist John Hyatt, opens this Friday [August 1]. The free exhibition features eight 10ft by 8ft works, nearly all of which John has created during lockdown, on display on walls on Kempston Street, Gildart Street and Constance Street.

Katumba Online Fiesta – LIVE Drumming, LED Show, DJ & MORE

FRIDAY, 31 JULY 2020 FROM 20:00-23:30

Many best wishes everyone


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