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Culture Vultures - October Events

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

'World Mental Health day 2021' is on October 10th and the theme for this year's event is 'Mental Health in an Unequal World'.

PSS Wellbeing Centres will be taking part in the Mental Health Market at Paradise Street, Liverpool One, 10am-5pm on Monday 11th Oct - why not pop down and say 'hello'?!

This months Culture Vulture Suggestions:

Under the Light of the Italian Moon, the debut novel by Jennifer Anton.

1st October 7.00 to 8.00 pm

The book, which launched on International Women's Day 2021 has been received with high acclaim and reviews from around the world. Spanning over two decades, the novel tells the story of Nina Argenta, the daughter of a strong-willed midwife in northern Italy, who falls in love with Pietro Pante, a boy who emigrates to the coal mines of America. As their love grows, Mussolini drives the country into chaos and an alliance with Hitler. Nina must survive Nazi occupied Italy, in the hopes of saving her family and being reunited with Pietro again.

The study of art history has long dealt with fragments and processes of fragmentation.

1st October 4.00 pm BST

Illuminated manuscripts and illustrated books in particular may have their fragments and folia fugitiva—pieces of material—separated from a whole collection. Many thousands of drawings and miniatures are dispersed around the world, including those donated to the National Gallery of Art by Lessing J. Rosenwald.

Online talk Richard Hoare's exhibition 'Landscapes' and his debut solo show at Messums Yorkshire.

Saturday 2 October 10.00 to 12.00pm

A new body of work by Richard Hoare was brought together by his travels over the last two years; the 1237 of the title referring to the line of site mileage between joining his home and his chosen painting locations from Dorset to Sussex, Cumbria, Scotland, Ireland and Derbyshire. Richard said ‘The main characteristic of my state when painting is an all pervading sense of movement; a constant turning of all in front of me and the movement of the clouds and arcing of the sun are just the surface of this movement which is without limit.’

Join us for ‘Black & British With David Olusoga’.

October 6th at 5.00 pm.

Black British history is now widely recognised as an integral part of British history and Black History Month has become a huge national event. The University of Bedfordshire is proud to host David Olusoga as he reveals the absence of Black history and Black role models in Britain’s education and explores how Black Britons stamped their presence and their experiences onto the British national story over the past 50 years.

Liverpool university lunch time concerts.

Each Wednesday throughout October we will feature works commissioned as part of a collaboration between eight scientists and eight composers, all members of the University of Liverpool. The Entwining Music and Science concerts include performances of the eight resulting pieces pre-recorded by the renowned Riot Ensemble in Kings Place, London. The performances will be interspersed with live discussions between composer and scientist pairs about their working process, and opportunity for live audience Q&A.

No pre-registration is required - Each concert is available FREE using the following link:

Passcode: 4jFcH=.

6 October @1pm BST

Appleby/Bearon - Uptake

Guttierez/Brust - Liquid Gold 5D106S1

13 October @1pm BST

Knighton/Rempe-Gillen - Pendula

Sargen/Grunder - Geiger

20 October @1pm BST

Collie/D’Sa - Fight of the Antimicrobials

Gibson/Williams - A Picture of Transparency

27 October @1pm BST

Costabile/Levy - Organoids

Rajesekar/Clark - Spin Excitations

Art Workshop from

7 October at 2.00 pm

In this workshop, we will be creating vibrant Pattern Creations inspired by African Fabrics, looking at shapes and meanings of pattern symbols. To create your own please bring the following stationary / art materials to the workshop. A4 white paper x 4 sheets. A4 coloured Card x 4 sheets (if you don’t have this, you can use coloured paper). Marker pens or Felt Tips, glue stick and Scissors. You just need to click on link below and join their site, it’s free to join and if you like this there are many more free workshops to attend.

Charles Dickens in Manchester

8th October at 2.00pm

Britain’s most celebrated novelist came to the growing industrial metropolis of Manchester 19 times, taking the platform at a fund-raiser in October 1843 for the Athenaeum alongside such reformers and notables as Benjamin Disraeli and Richard Cobden; partying with his pal and fellow novelist Harrison Ainsworth; and visiting his sister in then desirable Ardwick. In this talk, we visit the haunts of those he met and knew, stop by at the locations he might just recognise today and drop into the elegant Portico Library where the catalogue in the 1840s was organised by his friend James Crossley.

A free live streamed and attend in person event the Liverpool digital music festival

7th to 9th October

The hybrid digital music festival takes place at the recently opened live venue St Barnabas Church on one of the most famous musical streets, Penny Lane, on 7th – 9th October 2021 and will also be shown on line. The three-day event will be in support of Merseyside Youth Association, which for 130 years has provided help and support to the young people on Merseyside.

Join the NWHM on Sunday, for a special guest curator-led virtual walkthrough of our newly published Feminism: The Third Wave exhibit.

October 10th at 8.00 to 9.00 pm BST

It is almost impossible to talk with any clarity about the third wave of feminism because few people agree on exactly what the third wave is, when it started, or if it’s still going on. Considering the consequential events and reconsiderations of the gender norms that prompted yet another reckoning of women’s roles and culture in society, this exhibit explores the “third wave” as a diffuse movement without a central goal through the lens of the Anita Hill case in 1991 and the emergence of the riot grrrl groups in the music scene of the early 1990s.

Take a moment for yourself and sow the seeds of self care in this hands on workshop that's part of the hub's Made For Each Other World Mental Health Day event.

10th October at 10.30am

Let artist Lora Aziz guide you through how to use common flowers, seeds and plants gathered from your local area to create wildcrafted creams for your face, hands and body.

Hidden Histories in the V&A collection

Free online event 12th October

We are living in an era defined by the legacies of industrialism, colonialism, and environmental breakdown, in which human activity has become the dominant force shaping our planet. Join V&A Reading Group co-founder and postgraduate researcher Flora Parkin on this tour of the V&A Collection, sharing untold stories about the museum’s historical role in today's profound crises. From objects controlling nature, to those reflecting extraction and empire, to the removal of human narratives from their entanglement with ecology, find out how the V&A is not just a museum of art, design and performance, but a museum of the Anthropocene.

Join the live event online on the V&A Museum's Twitter, Instagram and TikTok accounts

Thank you all for listening and many best wishes!


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