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Culture Vultures with Corinne 25/6/20

Keep up to date with all of the cultural happenings and get some top tips from peer supporter Corinne.

Hi Everyone,

Today is National Pralines day a yummy confection of nuts and sugar syrup


National theatre for this week is a Mid Summers Night Dream

From tonight at 7.00 for one week

Having watched last week crazy production of Midsummer Nights Dream by Odd Socks which I must say was brilliant, think I’m ready to watch the National theatre performance now.

You can also watch the Odd Socks production of Much Ado About Nothing

It’s Easy to be Dead - A tender portrait of a brief life filled with promise cut short by the futility of war - poems and letters

Cinna the poet Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar told through the eyes of a jigging fool.


A tribute to Ella Fitzgerald jazz at the Lincoln centre

Holst the Planets from the Philamonic hall


Dave was discussing a Greek Philosopher named Epictetus with us at open Mike on Friday, here is a link to some of his life changing quotes accompanied by music, his philosophy was Wisdom, Morality, Courage and Moderation, another great mindfulness link.

If you are interested in learning more about This great philosopher

Following is a link to an article about Epictetus titled from Slavery to freedom


A lecture from the Royal Museum Greenwich titled The mermaids

A lecture on Venice By the Arts Society called Venice dressed and undressed

Great paintings of the world presented by Andrew Marr

Looking for Rembrandt a series on IPlayer


Culture Liverpool Creative Connections for National Refugees Week

Plus a link to the Refugee week site


Discover the process of Dutch cheese From field to table

Enjoy, Corinne.

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