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Going Underground with the Culture Vultures

Did you know Liverpool has a secret?

Liverpool plays home to a fascinating underground world known as The Williamson Tunnels created and crafted way back in the 19th Century.

These tunnels were used as "slot quarries" for sandstone, the very material used to manufacture all the beautiful and prestige Georgian buildings you see around Liverpool.

A captivating and hidden realm The Williamson Tunnels was the perfect place for the Culture Vultures to explore. Corinne Jones talks about her day out taking the Culture Vultures down underground.

Another fab outing with the Culture Vultures. Having become a member for a mere £5 a year, I’ve learnt loads of history about the tunnels which is really intriguing.

Lynn one of the volunteers and organisers arranged a tour of the site for us on Wednesday 27 July. The site is an amazing adventure of history to follow.

We started our tour at the Paddington site, where the tunnels and the life of Joseph Williamson was explained to us, the enthusiasm of the volunteers is absolutely amazing, it was like walking back in history. Then we went on to the Mason Street site where lots of new tunnels have been located since my last visit including a kitchen and fireplaces in the tunnels. Williamson in his later life after the death of his wife was thought to have slept in the tunnels.

If you want to know more here’s the link for friends of Williamson’s tunnels site:

Below is the wonderful volunteers about to take us on an adventure.

We finished the day by going to the Brink in Parr Street for coffee and some music. A wonderful ending to the day, now looking forward to our next trip.

Please see the fab PSS staff to book a place for August on the tour of Victoria Gallery and tour of Lady lever Gallery.

Email: phone: 0151 708 0415

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