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Ian's Art Exhibition

In the final week of his Art exhibition, Ian shares another set of pictures and talks about how they came to be done.

Edinburgh Castle.

Acrylic on canvas done in 2018 the inspiration here was from a photo. The display lights reflecting off the castle walls and the moon in the night sky such nice effect the painting almost has an animated effect I feel?

Winter Sun Set.

Acrylic on canvas done 2018. This was only supposed to be a couple of days work but as always turned into 2 weeks or more. I feel there are some nice colours and effects here. I don't think I meant for the lake to have such an icy look but I think it has a ‘glasseyness’ that reflects the colours from the sunset in the sky quite well get to sense this is a cold day but the sunset feels so warming. There is also a peacefulness looking at this canvas the picture is on permanent display at the Umbrella Centre.

Emmerald Lake.

Acrylic on canvas done 2019. I feel this was a turning point with my art in the way it looks much sharper and finer I used a fan brush for the first time with the trees and they do look very realistic. Also getting the reflection on the water has a very nice mirror image effect showing the cabin. I had my problems getting this right on to the canvas but it did come right in the end. What inspired me about doing the canvas was the wintery scene the feeling of the coldness but the cabin looks so warm and inviting with the lights from the cabin ....very special.

Waterfall '2'

Acrylic on canvas and was done in 2020. This is the second waterfall canvas I've done and this was so enjoyable to do. You can see the painting stages on the blog to show how I went about doing the painting in detail. The painting was set in the Lake District and the inspiration for this was from a photo. The flowing waterfall and light being reflected on the pic it just made such a nice painting to do.

Peel Castle

I've added another image that should of been added with stage 4 last week of Peel Castle of how the sky looked before it is now....I do like this sky maybe I should of settled for this? The way the sky looks now is shown below

I hope you have enjoyed watching my art exhib each week and it has been so enjoyable to do. Take care and see you soon, Ian.

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