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Ian's Art - Painting the Umbrella Centre. Stage by stage.

PSS Umbrella

Ian S has kindly let us have a view of of his current work - started in the Autumn of 2019. Ian has painted the Umbrella centre before but is having another go and is taking us step by step in what he's doing.

Introduction - The starting point

The first thing I did was to get a drawing onto the canvas but getting the angle of the building didn't go to plan at first.

You can see the difference in the picture below which show the angles better

I had to use a second canvas and this time it went well so once happy with the drawing I added a base coat of acrylic paints building these up so I'm nearly at a stage now where I will be working on an effective way to do the brick work without painting in each brick. Also where the the edge of the wall is to the door this needs straightening up a touch also the Windows require some work but the detailing and bringing the painting together 'll get there soon enough.

Stage 1

So far I've been building up the colours on the building using very light brown at the top for light and further down a combination of brown, black and white for the brick colour. I was looking for an easier way to do the brick work but I feel I might have to do each individual brick or partially? but i hope by stage 2 I'll have sorted this problem out?

Next step is to get the brick work done on the building and get every thing squared up with the Windows and door area but with the bricks I'll be going for a more easy but effective method.

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4 commentaires

20 août 2020

Really clever the way you have done the brickwork Ian! Detailed in the light and an impression of them in the shade. Great stuff!


14 août 2020

Wow lovely painting Ian.


14 août 2020

Your paintings are fab


13 août 2020

It's looking great Ian

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