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Ian's Art. Umbrella

Ian shares with us his final stage of the Umbrella painting. The final version.

Hi everyone, hoping all is well with you and welcome to the final stage ten.

Two images included below of practice sketch ideas done before I started canvas as well as finished canvas.

On a final note -

Must say this painting has been a long journey since I started it last September. The idea being to do with the 100th Anniversary of the PSS but there have been highs and lows with it. I cant believe the patience I've shown with this really (lol) but doing these stages on the blog has helped to finally get the painting done. Thank you for all your encouraging comments each week - it really means a lot. Thank you and I hope you enjoy looking at the finished canvas.

Next step getting the canvas to its new home the Umbrella centre.

Take care and see you soon,


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Nov 25, 2020

It’s been a fascinating journey Ian, have really enjoyed seeing all your art thank you


Nov 20, 2020

Lovely comments on here , hope you are all welvvv


Nov 20, 2020

A masterpiece! Well done Ian, a fabulous painting of a fabulous place -'The Brolly'


Nov 20, 2020

What an amazing piece of Art you have produced Ian, ive loved each stage & your description of what you did each week to complete the painting. Thank's for sharing it with us all on the blog, and here's to your next masterpiece!


Nov 19, 2020

Brilliant and beautiful painting Ian. Glad your sharing here helped you to keep going. This image means so much to many of us. I found myself pressing the doorbell and in my imagination the door magically opened and all was well and welcoming. Canna wait to see it hanging on the walls. Well done and big thank you

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