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Open Mic - A Zoom Adventure

Updated: Aug 11, 2020


We were joined today by Julie Cooke, One of PSS's brilliant trustee's. She's the one in Uniform and kept some of the group members on their best behaviour (most of the time!). It was another superb group

Simon played and sang Tangerine by Led Zeppelin - awesome

Corrine and Richard gave us poems about Summer - fab

John gave us a update on his Cavern days with The Lost Card poem - Bril

Gill treated us to a poem about her special cat necklace - lovely

Terry gave us a poem that had lots of deep meaning - thoughtful

And Pete shared a poem about A Holiday - poignant and beautiful

We meet every Friday on zoom. The details are below and on the What's On page. If you have an idea you might enjoy, why not join us. Everybody is welcome.

Ring one of the team if interested.

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