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Photography Challenge

Hello! And first a word about the name change as we want to make sure any folks who use cameras rather than phones can also join in.

And we also wanted to make sure everyone knows how to email a photo from a phone so here's a short video.

Big thanks this week to Gillian and Sheila for sending in photos.

From Gillian -

The colours in all of them work really well together and I love those postcards.

And from Sheila -

Sheila says, 'I did the mosaic of my favourite beach, you can't beat the colours of the sea and the sky together'.

Love the mosaic and I have to agree!

Now for this week's theme which is angles. I'm inviting you to have a look at anything you'd like to photograph from different angles. This can give a whole new perspective on any subject and add variety to our photographs. Let me show you a couple of examples.

I hope you have fun with this and please send your photos on this or any theme to:

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