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Photography Challenge Can You Feel It?

Before we head to this week's challenge, big thanks to Hannah, Dave, Gill, Bev, Sandra and Gail for this week's gallery.

Hannah's sent in some lovely photos from her garden. Definitely signs of autumn and I think that's an insect hotel. Some lovely textures and colours going on in these photos.

And a very adventurous cat!

Here are Dave's photos. He says, 'A couple of pictures of signs of the Autumn arriving. Love the colours.

1. From the barn. How have some leaves fully changed while others haven't?

2. From the Avenue car park. I really like the one where the leaves are withered - sad but just nature in action. 

3. From the Avenue park. The end tree has changed but protecting the others from the Autumn

4. Car park again. Just lovely colours.'

Love the colours!

Lovely to see this park again and from different angles.

Gill's berries are definitely saying AUTUMN!

And mushrooms are everywhere this year. I particularly like the bottom left with all its colours, shapes and textures.

Sandra meanwhile has answered the D E F challenge - finding items beginning with these letters. And look at the patterns and colours she's managed to squeeze in! Those cushions have made for a great backdrop.

While Gail has sent a beautiful collection from Yorkshire. She says, 'These were taken a couple of years back in Langcliffe Yorkshire. An area i know a wee bit.  Reminding myself of late, as i'm sure many of us are, of finding light and lightness even when feeling i'm stuck in the darkest of tunnels. The three photos after the limekilns are taken from it's immediate surroundings and yet i find beauty also in the tunnels because of it's flashes incoming light.'

It's the fashes of light which make this photo so interesting. Look at the pattern it makes.

And who can resist water droplets and butterfly photos?

What a fab gallery! Thanks so much - there wouldn't be a gallery without your photos so keep 'em coming!

This week's challenge is all about texture. We did this one a while ago but it's always worth revisiting.

What textures can you see, and more importantly feel around you? Indoors or out. Food, clothing, materials around your home or in your garden or yard. What can you find? And can you photograph it in such a way that we can get a real sense of how it feels?

The photo of the wall at the top of this post was taken in Roscoe Street by the way.

Please send your photos on this or any other theme to:

Have a good weekend!

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1 Comment

Oct 10, 2020

Omg your fab pics are great the gallery is smiling with happiness, thanks for sharing,

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