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Photography Challenge Can You Hear It?

Hello! Big thanks to Bev, Gail, Gill and Sandra for another fab gallery.

Let's start with some lovely angles from Bev in response to last week's challenge, What Your Angle? She even got models to pose for her!

From Gail and her walks in the park - great sense of perspective in the first which goes really well with the angle of a perfect reflection.

And nice angle on a fab poster!

Gill has an eye for capturing flowers in lovely light...

...and details.

Sandra gives us her response to two challenges - Autumn and Not Pretty But Interesting. The colours!

And another impressive sunset from Gail with some great silhouettes. The light on the roof makes this photo even better.

And a final look at autumn for this week from Bev. A lovely composition, with the path leading us into the photo.

Well done everyone! This week's challenge as you've probably guessed from the title... all about sound. Can you take a photograph or photographs which make us imagine a sound? Indoors or out. If you're indoors you might want to think about eating, cooking, gadgets, music.

And please feel free to keep photos coming to previous challenges - there's no time limit. Here's a reminder of the last few: What's Your Angle, Can You Feel It (texture), Can You See the Signs (autumn), Not Pretty But (something not pretty but looks interesting), Easy as D E F (things beginning with these letters or one of them), I See a Little Silhouetto of a Man (silhouettes), Soft (things which are soft or look soft), Easy as A B C (things beginning with these letters or one of them).

And please send photos of anything which catches your eye that you want to share.

Send your photos to:

Happy snapping!

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Oct 24, 2020

Beautiful they all are.Cant get more perfect then these angles.Ha Bev have you fallen out of your cloud. Totally amazing the pics you have all sent in, well done.


Oct 24, 2020

That clock is lovely, the detail & the hands on the clock are beautiful, great mix of photos again, brill. Never seen those models before , how dare they photo bomb my shot!

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