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Photography Challenge - Clouds & Comforts

Hello! A double challenge this week - outdoors or indoors or both if you like. But first, big thanks to Gillian, Bev and Gail for a fab gallery of last week's theme of patterns in your home (mostly).

Here's Gillian's fab collection of geometric patterns.

And quite a collection from Bev of patterns around her home and on her travels. Great variety and I would never have expected eggs!

And these gorgeous squashes from Gail, which she said make her smile.

Thanks again for sending them in and I think it's safe to say - we love patterns!

Here's this week's challenge.

See any clouds? Take a pic and send it in. If you're not going out this week, you can take a picture of clouds from your window or how about one or two items you have around you which you enjoy using or seeing. Just ordinary everyday items. But feel free to do both.

Please send your photos on this or any theme to:

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