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Photography Challenge: Give us some contrast

Hello! Big thanks to Bev, Peter and Sheila for this week's gallery.

Let's start with Bev's wee dog, Nancy.

That must have been quite a walk - now she's completely flaked out but still managed to keep her daisies.

Staying with furry creatures, Peter managed to snap this cheeky squirrel having a picnic.

And here's Sheila's response to the weather prompt.

And a perfectly positioned sun.

Thanks so much for a lovely gallery.

This week's challenge is to show us some contrast. My photos were taken outside but there'll be plenty of contrast to be found indoors too. It could be contrasting colours, shapes, textures, light or subject. Here are some of mine.

We also welcome photos on any theme so please send them to:

Happy snapping!

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May 02, 2021

😀Thank you Bev as always for your comment luv Gill


Apr 26, 2021

Lovely photos from you all,Nancy looks amazing Bev, beautiful cuddly dog.

Thank you all for sharing.Love that cheeky squirrel


Apr 26, 2021

Beautiful photos. Nancy definitely looks a cuddle buddle 😊

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