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Photography Challenge Let's Have Some Colour!

Hello! Big thanks this week to Jennie, Gill and Bev for their photos.

Here's Jennie's response to last week's winter trees challenge, an effective trio taken in the park at different times of day. Amazing what different light can do - which do you prefer? Me, I'm a sucker for a silhouette.

Gill's photo made me smile as it isn't a winter tree but it is a winter tree!

And from Bev, winter trees and winter scenes. Love that foreground of flowing water taking us into the photo.

And Bev even responded to this week's poetry prompt with a photo! The prompt was awe - what in this world makes you feel awe. She said, 'I am in awe of the fantastic way that we can listen to music in various ways, from radio and choirs, and more. People have used various objects to make their own instruments for an age, and music brings joy, good memories and hope for the future. Also I'm in awe of the camera, a great way to capture memories again and to give us a way of looking at the world from cultures, beauty of nature and inspiring us to travel to visit beautiful places . So fabulous these things are'.

All very true Bev, and I really like the way you've created a scene to express those thoughts.

Thanks again to everyone for a great gallery again.

This week's challenge is my response to all these grey days! Any tiny bit of brightness is so welcome. But when the day stays grey till dark I'm grateful for the splashes of bright colours around my home.

So what have you got to brighten our days? Ornaments, clothing, fruit and veg, a winter flowering plant, your Christmas tree - it can be anything at all but please give us some colour!

Photo on any theme are welcome too. Please send them to:

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1 Comment

Dec 19, 2020

Great pic. s from Bev Jennie & Tracy . Omg am in awe of Bev.s pics lot of imagination .but there all fab.Hope you are doing ok Bev have a nice christmas . Thank you Tracy Putting these lovely pics on .

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