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Photography Challenge - the Colour Collection

Hello! Big thanks to Bev and Gill for this week's gallery.

Here are the first ones from Bev who says, 'Ma Boyle's Liverpool, do a fab roast dinner! ' Can't say I've had one but I love these works of art.

Bev also answered the Seasonal Snippets challenge from last time.

I'm assuming Bev met this monkey on a summer holiday - but I can't tell you where as she didn't tell me!

She told me about this one though :-) Boat trip to Brixham in Devon, the houses on the hill painted in lovely colours.

Don't know where this is but Bev says, Sunny Retreat, I love the sculpting and the way the light hits the plants.

She's sent another couple of works of art which I'll save till next time. Meanwhile, here's the lovely Nancy in winter.

Gill has sent another response to the What Gives You Comfort challenge.

Thank you both - love the variety!

For this week's challenge I'd like you to look around and find things of the same colour, then arrange them how you like and try photographing them from different angles. I chose blue.

Please send your photos on this or any other theme to:

And remember photography is fortnightly now. Poetry next week!

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2 commenti

18 gen 2021

Beautiful photos

Mi piace

17 gen 2021

Nice pics from all

Mi piace
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