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Photography Challenge What's Your Angle?

Hello! Big thanks this week to Ann, Jennie, Sheila, Bev, Hannah, Sandra and Gail for this week's bumper gallery.

We'll start with Ann's lovely garden visitor. All say, aah.

Hilary the Hedgehog who lives in my garden.

And Ann's response to last week's challenge - a beautifully arranged collection of textures.

Apologies to Jennie as this next photo should have coincided with World Mental Health Day. She said, 'World Mental health day gift - given to me 4 years ago today (10th October) when at my lowest point. I took it as a symbol that everything was going to be ok.'

And another image from Jennie, full of light.

Beautiful. Autumn crisp light coming from the bay window.

And also from Jennie: love the contrast between the textures in these photos.

Here's Sheila's response to Can You Feel It? I sure can! Lovely close up of the texture.

My lovely cosy blanket.

And Gill's collection of textures - rough, soft, smooth. I really like these as a set, all on the same background but very different.

And look at the textures in this lovely shot by Bev of her dog! I can hear you going aah again.

Also like Bev's shots of these trees - so different because of how different the light is.

Two more aah moments from Hannah with these shots taken in her garden. And well done for catching the squirrel before it disappeared!

Love these textures and colours from Sandra. They go together really well, with similar colours running through them.

And from Gail - 'At Dutch Barn on Thursday doing a touch of raking and weeding and a lovely chat with Dave about photography, Dave showed me this community of mushrooms sitting on the pathway and grass. I'd missed them. Thanks so much Dave. I was like a pig in .... or is that a kid in a sweetshop. There are shrooms growing all over this autumn. Some, like these are poisonous so best not to eat if like me you don’t know which are.'

And, 'Finding a touch of heart ( i see it!) amid the seaweed monster.'

'The world from the shell's viewpoint.'

And finally, 'The stairs and gateway to the Irish sea'.

Fabtastic! And I do mean fab! Well done everyone!

This week's challenge... to photograph something from three angles then say, if you like, which one you prefer. (I forgot to say that bit in the video!) You can get a completely different impression and feel for something just by taking a photo from a different angle. And you can make an everyday object look much more interesting by turning it round or angling the camera a different way. Give it a go!

And please feel free to keep photos coming to previous challenges - there's no time limit. Here's a reminder of the last few: Can You Feel It (texture), Can You See the Signs (autumn), Not Pretty But (something not pretty but looks interesting), Easy as D E F (things beginning with these letters or one of them), I See a Little Silhouetto of a Man (silhouettes), Soft (things which are soft or look soft), Easy as A B C (things beginning with these letters or one of them).

Send your photos to:

Happy snapping!

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Oct 18, 2020

I'm sure your Sassy will have a few years yet Gill ❤️ Agree sometimes animals are better, always there for you and I think the main thing I miss is they make you laugh when you least feel like laughing!


Oct 18, 2020

Sounds like a lovely little mate. Sometimes animals better then humans


Oct 18, 2020

I agree with you Sue i get this a lot.Well Sassy is 22 nearly does,matter she is a well loved animal, also like your dog. Very hard to replace after all those years. You cant just switch off.


Oct 18, 2020

Hopefully Gill you'll have another few years yet ❤️ it is hard when you lose them though, people keep saying to me I should be grateful to have had him for 16 years but it doesn't help really. He was my little mate, came everywhere with me ❤️


Oct 18, 2020

Am dreading the time when Sassy goes.Love her so much. .

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