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Photography Challenge Winter Trees

Hello! Big thanks to Gill and Bev for sending in their photos this week.

Here's Gill's response to L in the As Easy as JKL challenge last week. Love the way the camera has caught the shafts of light.

And here are more of Bev's fab photos from India of some amzaing architecture.

Excellent photos - thanks both!

And now this week's challenge. I don't know about you but I love the sight of winter trees. Can you see any from your windows, when you pop to the shops or walk round the park? Here are a couple of mine from Scotland and a small patch of woodland in Southport.

But as always, we love to feature your photos on any theme. Please send them to

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1 commentaire

12 déc. 2020

Lovely pics ; both from Bev& Tracy

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