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Poetry - Love & Lockdown

Hello! Some great poetry again this week and big thanks to Bev, John, Gillian and Adele for sending in their poems.

The theme for this week is what, apart from hope, helps you to carry on? Is it specific people around you, is it the hobbies or activities you do, is it what you tune in to on the blog? Please send your poetry on this theme or any poem you’d like to share to:


Big thanks to Bev, Gillian and Adele for this week’s poems.

The theme for the coming week is gratitude. What are you grateful for? Friends and relations? Coffee and conversation? Blue skies and biscuits?

And is it easier or harder to think about what we’re grateful for when times are tough? Are the things which man the most to us more obvious when we’re living thorugh difficult times?

Please send us your poems on this or any theme to:


Big thanks to Gillian, Richard and Adele for this week’s poems. All on a similar theme but all so different.

The theme for the coming week is learning. Have you learnt something over the past few months? A new skill, something about yourself or others? Or have you learned lessons over years of experience?

We welcome your poems on this and any other theme and please send them to:

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