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Poetry - Never Too Late to let Go

Hello! Big thanks to Gill and Adele for this week's poems.

This week's poetry prompt is - if you had a day which was just for you and you didn't have to worry about anyone else or do anything for anyone else - what would you ideally do with it? For this prompt, we're not under the current restrictions and you could go anywhere and do anything. You may just want to curl up with a box set and be able to watch it without any interruptions, or soak in a bath. It's your day, you decide.

Please send your poems on this or any other theme to:

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29. nov. 2020

Powerful poems this week, they were all great! Each one of them. Thank's everyone 👍🏼❤

Synes godt om

23. nov. 2020

Lovely thoughts on Lockdown in Adele,s lovely poem trying to think positive. Very good poem,s also from Tracy enjoyed them.

Synes godt om
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