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Strumbrella's - Feelin' Groovy


Hi to all you Strumbrellas out there,

I hope you are all enjoying the sunny, hot weather and storms we’ve been having, great for playing your uke. Why not take it for a picnic and play in the great wide open.

At this week’s session we discussed the pros and cons of the hot weather and how it forces us to seek shelter in the shade. We also talked about an abandoned railway station on the Wirral Way and walks we have been on (including the sponsored walks to West Kirby).

It was appropriate that the song we chose to practice was ‘Feelin’ Groovy’ by Simon & Garfunkel – a great little tune that just swings along in its own little groove. As Paul explained it’s the same 3 chord progression all the way through with 2 beats on each chord – it’s well worth practicing for next week’s meeting.

I think we all agreed that it is frustrating not being able to play together and hear each other at the same time. Somehow this led onto a discussion of British Sign Language and then the British Deaf Orchestra and the Para Orchestra, both of whom find a way to overcome the obstacles to playing together. We decided to use our time in isolation to develop our arrangements of songs, and then put some more of them together in video form.

I am sure we can use our creativity to work in the service of this task and have some fun while we do so. I think the results will be entertaining to all and help keep spirits lifted in these difficult times.

For all those who would like to take part join us on Tuesday for the next Strumbrellas meeting, for everyone else ‘watch this space’.

Keep calm and strum along,


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Aug 21, 2020

Lovely love the song well played


Aug 20, 2020

Lovely strumming!


Aug 14, 2020

Nice one strumbrellas , and whoever doing the singing, lovely !


Dave W
Aug 14, 2020

What a great song played on the Uke's. Well done everyone

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