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The Strumbrellas - Lily the Pink

"Hi there ‘Strummers’,

Well, we had an interesting, lively and varied session last Tuesday at ‘Strumbrellas’.

We opened with a rendition of ‘Down by the Riverside’ led by yours truly.

I explained that I had been seen a performance of the song by Boy George on TV this week and this sparked a conversation in which we all shared our recent musical interests. Paul’s response was that of listening to comedy songs, which acts as an antidote to the unsettling times we are going through. It brought to mind, for him, the song ‘Lilly the Pink’ and he requested that we play it.

Richard offered to lead us in a fine rendition of the song and afterwards the conversation turned to having met members of ‘Scaffold’ in various old Liverpool haunts.

We eventually returned to the group’s song ‘Lockdown Blues’ and the latest and probably final format. Pete formulated a strumming pattern which he showed us (down, down, up, up, down, up) and we had a run through led by Richard. We can look forward to recording a version of the song individually and Richard will stitch all the parts together. Fingers crossed, we will have a version to share with the world very soon.

We are aware of the need to copyright the idea quick before anyone ‘nicks’ it. Some group members commented that they had heard the phrase ‘Don’t get the Lockdown Blues’ being used in the media.

The cheek of it!!! We got there first!!!

Whatever…we look forward to seeing any and all ‘Strumbrellas’ at next Tuesday’s meeting.

Take care and Keeeep strumming, ‘boom, boom’.


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