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The Strumbrellas - Making of "The Lockdown Blues"


Lockdown Blues With New Verses
Download PDF • 83KB

Hi All,

I hope you are all well and able to enjoy the nicer weather.

We have been continuing with our ukulele practice at Strumbrellas and we would like to remind everyone that all are welcome to join, even if that’s only for a quick hello. There is no pressure to stay for longer than you want to or to talk or even play your uke if that would put you off.

It is also possible to attend without video for those who are not happy with being on camera, or are worried about using up too much data on their phone.

This week we had another great session. We started off with ‘Freight Train’ in a ‘calypso’ style led by Richard. We then followed this with another version of the same song in a skiffle style led by John. Finally we played another version of ‘Freight Train’ in folk/blues style led by myself. The group agreed they would settle on one version when the whole group is back rehearsing at the ‘Brolly’.

After a short chat we then turned our attention to the ‘Lockdown Blues’ which the group has been writing together. We looked at the new verses and had a run through demo of the song from Paul, then we had a rehearsal of the song together. It seems as if everyone is getting to grips with the song and we are hoping to record a version of the song. Hopefully, we will each record ourselves individually and then Richard will stitch all of the performances together into a finished piece. Watch this space…or join us to be a part of it!

Anyway, as you can imagine, that pretty much used up all of our time on zoom for this week, so we will continue next week.

Please feel free to join us,

I look forward to seeing you all next Tuesday, in a place called zoom…boom boom


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