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What's Happening Liverpool?

The latest sharing from across Liverpool's wellbeing communities - if you're interested please get in touch with the organisers directly - enjoy!

Fancy some footie for your wellbeing?

Get moving with Movema dance sessions via Mersey Cares' liferooms online. To register with The Liferooms click here: https://www.liferooms.org/blog/welcome-to-the-life-rooms-online/

Lay back and listen to the Reader org's podcast sharing : https://www.thereader.org.uk/what-we-do/the-reader-podcast/

Get sketching with the North End Sketch Club (its free). Email: Jaynelawless7@gmail.com

Womens wellbeing sessions online and soon to return to face to face - have a look on WHISC's website for more details: https://whisc.org.uk/

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