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Join our online or face-to-face groups

If you’re someone living with a mental health challenge, you're 18-years-old or over and have a Liverpool postcode, you can contact our team for more information about joining our online and face-to-face group support sessions at PSS Wellbeing Centres.


To join any of our sessions or to meet other people with mental health challenges, please enter your contact details below and one of our friendly Wellbeing Centre teammates will give you a call.

This will be a relaxed call where we’ll get to know you a bit better and see if the PSS Wellbeing Centres is somewhere you’d like to get involved with.


If you’d like a little bit more information before registering your interest or to talk to someone in the team, get in touch with us at:


Self-referral form

If you prefer, you can also fill out a self-referral form and return it to

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Reading resources online

The Upbeat online resources and activities on this website are free to everyone to view. We won't ask for any information about you to access them and you don’t need to sign-up. This means you can read articles without saving them or subscribing to Upbeat.

Got a great idea?

We'd like our mental health and wellbeing resources to grow, based on what works best for you and your mind. So, please keep us updated on the best approaches to mindfulness and more positive wellbeing, the mental health approaches you're interested in and the hobbies and activities that interest you in general.

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