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Welcome to Upbeat Liverpool

At PSS, we understand that life can be hard sometimes, and that everyone can use a little help to manage their mental health from time-to-time.

Hopefully, with the support of the self-care suitcase, Upbeat Liverpool and PSS Wellbeing Centres, we’ll become part of your journey to a better place, and a better you.​

What is Upbeat?

Upbeat is the online place to get support with your mental health and wellbeing; 
to connect, learn and inspire.

Online resources to manage your 
mental health 

Managing your mental health is really personal to you, so we'll offer you lots of different options to support you. You can pick and choose the mental health resources that fit you. Upbeat could support you to: 


We'll share: 

  • relaxation, meditation and mindfulness exercises

  • ways to look after your physical health and fitness and feel more mentally well in the process  

  • courses exploring your emotions and how to channel them more positively   

  • creative and expressive activities like singing, painting, poetry, photography, arts and crafts and so much more 


How to get wellbeing support

Anyone can take a look around our self-care suitcase, where you can save your favourite articles or just have a look around. These can be kept with you, to help you overcome challenging times and situations ahead. To get involved with our courses or sessions you’ll need to sign-up to become a PSS Wellbeing Centres member.


You can find out more information here.

How did Upbeat Liverpool start? 

The Upbeat site was created using co-production and is a collaboration with the mental health team from the PSS Wellbeing Centres in Liverpool and our peer supporters. Peer supporters are people who have experienced their own mental health challenges and now use their expertise to support others. These people have shared their expertise and first-hand experience of mental health challenges, offering specialist advice on things like low mood, grief, anxiety and depression. Upbeat Liverpool is updated with fresh daily resources produced by the PSS Wellbeing Centre team, our peer supporters and other friends and partners in the mental health and wellbeing sector.


You can find out more about the PSS Wellbeing Centres here.

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