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Wellbeing Centres

We’re a national organisation proudly born and bred in Liverpool, which is where PSS head office is, otherwise known as Eleanor Rathbone House (named after our amazing founder).

We have offices up and down the UK.

PSS Liverpool

We’re dead proud of our snazzy Liverpool HQ, which is in the Sandhills area of the city (about three miles outside the city centre). You can spot Eleanor Rathbone House a mile off – it’s the colourful one in the corner of Connect Business Village that looks vaguely like a kaleidoscope has burst and all the loveliest colours have escaped. But that’s just the way we like it – bold, bright and welcoming, a bit like PSS (cheesy, but true).

Our Liverpool office is home to all of our Merseyside-based services, our big boss (that’s Lesley, our chief executive), the rest of our leadership team and the lovely people in our central services teams (they’re all the people who work behind the scenes to keep PSS going).

See that? A whole paragraph referencing Liverpool and not a ‘calm down’ in sight.

PSS Cymru

Rydym wrth ein boddau Cymru. Or, if you’re English, we chuffin’ love Wales.

We’re greedy and have not one, not two, but three Welsh offices.

Our Shared Lives Wales office is based in Conwy, North Wales, and from there our lovely, small and mighty Shared Lives Wales` team provide an award-winning Shared Lives service (they also provide a top-notch buffet lunch to visiting PSS people, don’t you know).

Meanwhile, over in Rhyl and Holyhead, we also run the Welsh branches of our fab Women’s Turnaround service, supporting women who’ve offended in the past to get their lives back on track.

Our Wales team have a little piece of our head office named in their honour: the Cwtch – our staff area. If you’ve visited PSS HQ and had a coffee from our posh coffee machine, you’ve been in the Cwtch (it’s Welsh for cuddle).

PSS Manchester

Come on then our kid, let’s tell you a bit about Manchester. Our busy Manchester bees provide Shared Lives to folks all over the Manchester region. They’re another small team, but they do an excellent job. And, despite the intense football rivalry between Liverpool and Manchester, we all get along, really.

PSS Cheshire

Lovely, leafy Cheshire is home to four branches of our Women’s Turnaround service: we’ve one in Warrington,  one in Halton, one in Crewe and one in Macclesfield.

PSS Midlands

Our bostin’ Midlands team are a thoroughly lovely bunch who have an office based in Cannock. From there, they look after our Shared Lives schemes in Wolverhampton, Birmingham and Staffordshire, so they get out and about quite a bit.

Our chief Shared Lives future thinker, otherwise known as our Shared Lives innovation manager, is based in our Cannock office. Word on the street is, if you look closely at the sky just above Cannock, you can just about see the plumes of steam coming from Sarah’s brain as she thinks up fabulous new ways people can use our service.

PSS Norfolk

Y’orrite bor? Let’s tell you a bit about what’s going on up the city shall we? Our Norfolk office is based in Diss, and the lucky team there are in possibly one of the most boot-ee-ful PSS places. It’s where we run our East of England Shared Lives service.

PSS Lincolnshire

Ay up, Our Shared Lives Lincolnshire team is based in Sleaford.

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