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Feeling low? Let us help lift your mood

Have you lost motivation?

Feeling down and depressed on a regular basis?

Are you struggling with low self esteem?

Here at PSS Wellbeing Centres we offer a Lifting Mood course dedicated to helping you see yourself - and life - in a whole new light.

Our Lifting Mood course will help you to understand what causes your depression and how it affects your life - suggesting helpful steps you can take to lift your mood.

The course also teaches important self management techniques to improve your ability to take care of yourself next time you're feeling low.

Whether you have never attended Lifting Mood before - or you'd like to revisit the course for extra support - please call us on 0151 708 0415.

If you're not a member with us yet then why not register? We are free to join and have a wide range of beneficial courses all designed to support you and your wellbeing. Just call our office number 0151 708 0415 to speak to one of our Wellbeing Practitioners.

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