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The Culture Vultures visit Birkenhead Priory

Well, once again absolutely smashing staff and volunteers!

The Culture Vultures arrived a bit early and found the gates closed. However the wonderful grounds man allowed our group in and took us through the grounds to the café so we could shelter before our tour.

Once the gates opened the lovely staff member, who came equipped with umbrellas in case it rained, took us round. The Priory was first built 1150, sheltering and aiding local people and travellers up to 1538. It was a pleasure to learn the history of the priory before Henry VIII became king and unfortunately destroyed most priory’s in England. Happily this prior was not completely destroyed and stonemasons past and present have rebuilt walls brick by brick.

We also visited the Chapter House chapel which was gorgeous, small but very inspiring, and the undercroft with fascinating history about the priory, and how they took travellers over the Mersey by boats rowed by the monks.

After learning about the submarine HMS Thesis and the disaster during her final diving trials in 1938 we climbed the tower, where a memorial for each life lost is shown as you go up.

Finally after our goodbyes we had a further visit to the café then we walked along to the Mersey Ferry and came across the Mersey on a more safer way than a rowing boat.

Looking forward to our next trip. If you want to take part please see PSS staff for more information, it would be lovely to see you in the future.

Would you like to become a valued Culture Vulture member? Then email: or tel: 0151 708 0415

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