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Things to be mindful of this Christmas

Life is full of little interruptions and this winter there are disruptions aplenty!

Whether it is the cold weather or strikes here is a list of things to be mindful of this Christmas.

Healthcare worker strikes

· Right now, as we're writing this, nurses are due to strike between 8am and 8pm on 15th and 20th December. Ambulance workers are striking for 24 hours on 21st and 28th December.

· There’s some likelihood ambulances won’t come out for anything other than life-threatening emergencies, so unless you own a massive load of bubble wrap, please be as careful as possible on strike days and surrounding days.

· For unavoidable health emergencies, consider getting a plan in place to get to hospital if needed. Are there relatives/friends/neighbours you can team up with on strike days so if either person needs help, there is someone to drive you and them to hospital?

Driving in wintery conditions

Crikey, it’s cold! We've got snow and sleet up here in Liverpool today and it's blimmin' freezing.

The Met Office has provided some official advice about how you can prepare yourself for driving in wintery conditions which is well worth the read. Read here.

Rail strikes

There are a fair few planned rail strikes coming up. If you’re dependent on public transport for getting into work, consider car sharing with colleagues and plan for online meetings as a back-up, in case you can’t get there in person (also the preferred option to driving in icy conditions).

Also be aware that even if strikes are called off, it’s unlikely the train companies will be able to get a full timetable up and running at short notice. Days in between strikes are also likely to be disrupted.

At PSS we will do our utmost to continue services as normal but please stay engaged with us through Upbeat or call 0151 708 0415 for the latest updates.


Again there are lots of postal strike days happening this month. If you or people you support have medicines and other vital support/care items delivered then it is worth checking delivery dates to ensure you will not run out of supplies.

At the time of posting the Royal Mail are taking national strike action on the 14, 15, 23 and 24 of December. For more updates visit:

Cost of Living Crisis

LCVS (Liverpool Charity and Voluntary Services) has compiled a handy list of resources for individuals affected by the Cost of Living Crisis.

The list contains organisations that are offering warm hubs, food banks and venues for those affected by financial struggles and homelessness.

For more information visit here.

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1 Comment

Dec 15, 2022

Stay safe and as warm as possible everyone, eat all those thing's your not supposed to and may you have company, laughter & love. We need to look out for each other more than ever. Best wishes to All ❤️

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