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What's Happening Liverpool

Some of the latest opportunities from Liverpool's wellbeing and creative communities.

This Girl Can

A campaign promoting sports and fitness programmes to get women and girls moving, regardless of shape, size and ability.

Activities are announced and shared in our Facebook pages and you cal also look up Providers Listings & Activities in our website.

Various activities at various times, see Facebook pages or website.

Small charges apply to most activities

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You are invited every Wednesday to experience the great benefits of the technique.

Learn how to breathe naturally and fully with this simple and effective method. Start your journey to greater health, vitality, peace and joy!

I Tried Wim Hof Breathing, Holotropic Breathwork and many others, but...

I didn't feel complete. After 30+ years of working as a Breathwork instructor, I finally found the right mix of breathing exercise, energy work and meditation to get fantastic results with a short daily practice!

Every Wednesday 30min Class

Guided Breathing Exercise and Meditation

Connect with your highest intentions and deepest desires, from vibrant health, energy, peace, joy, love, to whatever you want to manifest in your life. Learn to access deep meditative states of consciousness and influence your well-being from an expanded self-awareness.

Experience the Joy of Breathing Technique

"That was truly incredible. Thank you!" - Sophie

"It was my first time and I’m in pure joy and peace." - Aysen

“My first time, incredible, I’ve never felt that before thank you so much.” – Rachael

"I feel so much better. Thank you Sylvie ??" - Ania

"What an experience, I felt I was being cleaned." - Peter

"You have made an incredible impact on my daily life, Sylvie, esp. with managing lower back and MS pain. Great for alleviating depression!" - Rachel

"I really love the Joy of Breathing both as a practice and for life." - Dekya

"That session took me deep into my soul. Very healing on all levels: body, mind, spirit, feelings...everything!" - Bradley

"Thanks a lot for that session, every week it feels better and better ?" - Stephanie

"Thank you! I see improvements in just a few weeks of doing this." - Kai

Class Program

  • Learn the Joy of Breathing technique

  • Practice deep breathwork and energy meditation

  • Experience a profound relaxation

  • Questions, answers & sharing

  • Enjoy the benefits

Attending Zoom Meeting

  • Connect on Zoom 10 minutes prior to class start time and silence cell phones

  • Wear comfortable clothing

  • Refrain from eating 1.5 to 2 hours before practice

  • Yoga mat and a blanket might help you feel comfortable


Free Dragon Boat Paddling Session Liverpool

Want to get fitter while having fun? Come and paddle dragon boat paddling in Liverpool for free! All equipment and coaching provided.

What is dragon boating?

Dragon boating is the fastest growing sport in the world. It involves paddling a large canoe style boat with 20 other people in the same boat, together. In just under an hour we will teach you the basics of paddling a dragon boat while enjoying being out on the water of the Liverpool Docks, experiencing the fantastic views from the water.

What to expect at your free session: (Only suitable for individual adults 16+ years, no children or group bookings) To book a separate group session (fees apply) please contact us:

Dave: 07850911697 Lorna: 07557408414

Please arrive promptly to allow safety briefings to take place to enable you to take part.

Arrive at 6pm Tues and Thurs.

Arrive at 9:30am Sundays

When you arrive, one of our members will meet you. You will be given a full safety brief and an introduction to paddling by one of our fully qualified and experienced coaches. Here we will give you all your equipment to take part in the session ( a paddle and buoyancy aid). This is also where you can ask us any questions you may have. You will then be guided to the dragon boat where you will be buddied up with an experienced paddler or coach as part of our team and we will teach you the basics of paddling in around an hour and a half. Straight away you will be paddling the boat under expert guidance while having fun and making many new friends!

Please read information below carefully about what to wear and bring to your first session.

Unsuitable clothing may result in you being unable to take part in the session due to health and safety reasons.

Find out more:

Visit our Website to find out more:

What you will need to bring to your first session:

  • gym kit/sports kit including footwear such as trainers( you don’t mind getting a little wet)

  • a waterproof coat or jacket and long sleeve top/hat/ warm layers for the cooler months.

  • a towel and change of clothes

  • a drink/snack for afterwards.

Please do not wear:

  • jeans

  • heels

  • boots of any kind e.g wellington, walking, fashion

  • dangly earrings

  • wetsuits

  • heavy, bulky items of clothing such as winter coats

  • dresses

  • swimwear

Unsuitable clothing may result in you being unable to take part in the session due to health and safety reasons.



Age UK – Telephone Friendship

Telephone friendship services for older people.

Whether you’d like to speak to someone every week, or just want to talk when the need strikes, we’re here to help.

How does telephone friendship work?

We have two different telephone friendship services available.

  1. Regular telephone friendship service. We match over-60s with a friendly volunteer for a weekly chat. Our service has helped create hundreds of new friendships, and many people tell us their calls are the highlight of their week. To get started, just tell us a bit about yourself and we’ll do the rest.

  2. A 24-hour helpline service. This is run by our partner charity, The Silver Line. It’s a free 24-hour helpline which people can call for a chat, day or night. Whatever the reason, we’re here to listen.

Who are our services for?

Our services are here for people in later life who’d like to talk to someone. You don’t need to be feeling lonely (though if you are, we’d like to help), and you don’t need to live on your own. Sometimes it’s just nice to talk.

To sign up for our regular telephone friendship service, where someone calls each week, you need to:

  • be over 60

  • have your own landline or mobile phone

  • be able to hear and be understood over the phone.

  • commit to a regular call at the same time each week.

Is there anyone who can’t use telephone friendship services?

Our telephone friendship services may not be as helpful for people with memory loss, dementia or mental health issues who need a higher level support. These conditions may affect the person’s ability to build a telephone friendship and, in some instances, people with these conditions may actually find the calls more distressing.

As of 4 August 2022 – We’re currently receiving very high numbers of referrals for our service, meaning the wait to join the service may be longer than usual. Please continue to refer to our service and our team will get to your referral as soon as they can. There’s no need to contact us once you’ve made the referral – please be assured we will be in touch as soon as we can.


A website with free online courses for beginners, helping them to stay safe and connected.

Learn about these subjects:

  • Using your computer or device

  • Online basics (using the internet, online form, email, internet safety)

  • Office programmes

  • More internet skills (video calling, online shopping, socialising online)

  • Online safety

  • Finding a job online

  • Improving your health online (GP services online: how to guide)

  • Managing your money online

  • Public services online (using public services online, Universal Credit: a how to guide)

Helping someone else learn

You can download our learning guides to help someone learn about the internet.

The website also has ‘communications checklists’ which show you how to keep in touch with friends and relatives using email and various apps (Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp and FaceTime).

How can I access this service? Visit the website, cilck ‘Start learning now’ and register your details. A link for finding an online centre near you is in the main description.

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More opportunities soon!

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