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Anxiety and Me – A spoonful of sugar

Updated: Feb 21

Having anxiety is not easy.


For some, anxiety will come and go, but for others anxiety is something to be lived with.


Here at Upbeat Liverpool we have received some insightful and helpful suggestions from people who use our service about how to keep your anxiety away and at bay.


Here PSS Wellbeing Centres attendee Wendy shares her own anxiety antidotes.


Wendy –


From the knowledge I’ve gained over the years I have found a few things work for me such as:

Tea Please


I sometimes need a cuppa with sugar to help calm me down!


Allow yourself a cry


Many times I will be so frustrated the tears will come – and that is OK!


Distractions, distractions…


I do housework if I feel frustrated or tearful, as my brain is in overdrive!


It’s good to talk


Make a phone call to someone you feel safe with.


Breathe In…And Out


Go outside in the fresh air and do some deep breathing exercises – it really helps!

Nature is Nurture


Tidying up the garden helps calm my mind. Out in nature you feel you can breathe easier.


Pen to Paper


How about thinking about what is making you feel out of sorts by writing things down? It really is a good release.


And Remember!


We all have our own way of getting through our difficult patches or horrible days. Be sure to reach out to talk when you can, as most of us get out of the bed the wrong side sometimes and the day ahead becomes a pain. 

Remember, at the end of the day we are all the same but we do have our differences, especially when it comes to anxiety as it can be well hidden.

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