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Cultural Highlights – January

Oh my goodness it’s frosty out there! If you’re getting cold feet at the thought of going outside then let Corinne tell you how you can educate and entertain yourself – without leaving your living room!


So learn about the volunteer force in a bombed out London during the Blitz, find out more about the fascinating figure St Brigid and get captivated by the creativity of the Harlem Renaissance.

10th January at 5.30pm, Cannon Hall Museum


For their latest talk, join Art UK and Melissa Gallimore, Freelance Curator who will provide an insight into Cannon Hall Museum’s competing identities as an historic home, fine art collection and decorative arts museum.



17th January at 5pm, Army Without Banners


In this online talk with Kate Macdonald, of Handheld Press, they will be discussing Ann Stafford’s 1942 novel Army Without Banners, now republished for the first time in eighty years. This account of being a volunteer ambulance driver in the Second World War, and the wider volunteer force in London during the Blitz is illustrated with sketches by the author that come straight from the bombsite and the night shelter.


22nd January at 6pm, St Brigid's Day


In 2024, St Brigid's Day falls on 1 February, and it's a day associated with the returning light and the beginning of spring. It's also a day to honour St Brigid. St Brigid is a fascinating figure in that she's a beloved saint, yet she's also believed to have pre-Christian origins. In this talk, we'll explore the folklore, superstitions, legends and practices associated with the day so you're ready for it when it rolls around! We'll also investigate its connections with Imbolc, which falls around the same time.



23rd January at 6pm Alexander Myth and History


Step into the captivating world of ancient legends and modern reinterpretations with our free talk, "Reshaping Alexander the Great: Myth, History, and Modern Theatrical Adaptations" and explore how the speakers explore the reimagined and iconic figure of Alexander the Great through their theatrical production.



23rd January at 6.30pm.  Ruth Wiener


Ruth Wiener was the first daughter of Dr Margarethe Wiener and Dr Alfred Wiener, the Wiener Holocaust Library’s founder. Born in Berlin in 1927, Ruth spent the early years of her life in Germany before she relocated with her Father, Mother, and her two sisters Eva and Mirjam to Amsterdam, Holland.   Join Barbara Warnock, from the Wiener Holocaust Library, to hear how life changed for the Wiener family following the Nazi occupation of Holland.



24th January 5.30pm. Chinese Classical Dance


Workshop leader Annie will guide participants through dance exercises, steps and techniques. By the end of the lesson, you'll have learned a beautiful Chinese Classical dance! The dance steps will be easy to follow, and you'll have a taste of Chinese culture while having fun.  


24th January at 8pm. Looking back at the Harlem Renaissance


Join Lifetime Learning and the UVA Library for a virtual tour of the current exhibition Their World As Big As They Made It: Looking Back at the Harlem Renaissance, featuring the visionary works of writers, artists, and thinkers whose creative and intellectual pursuits defined Black American identity and political consciousness


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