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Culture Vultures 26.11.20

Hi Everyone

Today is November 26 and it’s the American Thanks Giving Day.

So my question for the chat group is : If you could join in the feast to celebrate what would you bring to the occasion? Head over to the chat page to get involved in the discussion...

Here this week links for the vlog:

Shakespeare my Jam

The cast of Impromptu Shakespeare invite you to another irreverent Bard-based jam* of fun. Enjoy a guided warm-up and then play lots of scenes inspired by the works of the great Willy Shakes. Expect language tomfoolery, insults and proclamations of love, as well as fairies, lovers, royals and maybe a bit with a dog.

On line Shakespeare verse workshop 26 November free via link at 2.00 to 4.00 today

Jack and the Beanstalk on 29 November at 2.00

Join Jack and characters for a free pantomime this November in support of Small Business Saturday in Dudley borough. The pantomime will tell the traditional Jack and the Beanstalk story whilst reminding audiences to shop and buy local.

Charles Dickens Museum’s Curator of Special Projects

Frankie Kubicki, invites you into the world of Dickens's Christmas by exploring the museum's world-class collection. You'll hear the story of the lost Turkey and learn the amazing circumstances under which his most famous book, A Christmas Carol, was written.

just book your free place via link, event taking place on Friday 27 November

between 2 - 3 o’clock

University of York have a free event called Merchants Adventurer’s Arts Discovery.

Hidden in Plain Sight. The unexplored histories of the medieval north.

27 November at 6.30 book via link

The art of Japanese pinch art

A talk about the history of the art and a demonstration 11.00 am on the 28 November.

Tsumami zaiku is a traditional Japanese craft that enjoys a long history of some 200 years. By folding and pinching colourful pieces of cloth, the technique enables you to create day-to-day accessories, including ornamental combs and hairpins. To book a place click on link, if you want to join in you will need woodworking glue, 2-3 pieces of square cloth about 4cm thin cotton is best and tapered tweezer if you have them.

Painting of the week brought to you from Exhibitions on screen

A discussion on a painting each week. This week Vase of Flowers by Claude Monet

National disability Month runs from the 22 November to 22 December

The Link below is taken from the National Archives. A description of disability in government records :

Historic England and a history of disability from 1050 to present

The Hey winter festival a fantastic event of talks and interviews from the 26 to 29 November guest include winners of the Booker prize, Skin from Skunk Anansie, Antony Gormley, Robert McFarlane, Lee Child and Dave Olusoga amongst many.

Dada International 2020 (Disability and Deaf Art)festival is from 27 November to 3 December

Festival producer Rachel Rogers is joined by Nickie Miles Wildin, Creative Advisor to DaDaFest, introducing the artists who have worked with them, the themes behind Translations and the programme itself.

Wishing you all the best and see you next week


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Nov 26, 2020

Thanks Gillian. Hanging in there. The upbeat site brings much comfort and inspiration. Hope youre doing ok too.


Nov 26, 2020

Im glad youre enjoying doing the Vlog Corinne. I look forward to you doing it each week. ive come to rely on you finding out these little nuggets for us all. Am i getting lazy ? anyhow i will for sure be checking out the Hey Festival. Thanks again :)


Nov 26, 2020

Thankyou Gail, I love doing the vlog and hope people get something they enjoy from it. Have been listening to the Hey Festival today, really enjoyed the Antony Gormley conversation and fortunately it’s been recorded if any ones interested the link is


Nov 26, 2020

Fab as always Corinne. Thanks


Nov 26, 2020

Thanks for your lovely encouraging message Gill, The Hey Festival is a good one, have just been watching an interview with Anthony Gormley hopefully it will have been recorded and I can add the link. see you Friday

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