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Culture Vultures 3.9.20

"Hi Everyone!

Tomorrow is National Wild life day! If you could be a wild animal what would you be? I would quite like to be a giraffe as they look so elegant.

Also tomorrow in 1962 The Beatles started their first recording sessions at EMI’s Abbey Road.

Do you have a favourite Beatles song and do you have any memories surrounding it?

If you have an answer please send it in to the forum :)

This weeks Culture Vulture recommend listings :


The show must go on. the Twelth Night

The show must go on Troilus and Cressida

An Evening At Joe’s - Act Two

Saturday 5th September 8pm


A virtual visit to The state Hermitage museum Russia

The surrealist Salvador Dali’s picture The Persistence of Memory explained by Artsy


LCR pride foundation with a 14 minute film to be shown on Friday 4 September from 5pm

FilmFriday sees Film With Pride’s screening of Pastry, a short fiction film about a sweet seduction, written by Alison Rayner.

Share your Shakespeare, watch people’s short and sometimes funnily produced lines from Shakespeare, and you can join in yourself on Instagram and various over sources If you want to

Out with Suzi Ruffell a podcast about how Suzi came out, the problems she faced, how she coped until she met the love of her life and became complete, and her podcast this first episode she talks to Alan Carr

A short film on John Lennon in New York and Reel tour operators, hopefully we can go on one of these tour based in Liverpool when lockdown is over


The secret life of Chester Zoo

Blog on nature the wonderful world of insectivores


The Bootle Festival of Ideas, organised by Make Liverpool and Sefton Council. Click on link for more info. There are some sessions on Eventbrite you can book for free with relation to this festival the links are there for those as well. The idea is for local people to develop ideas and revitalise the area. Funding is available and there will also be an exhibition and celebration in November

On the 3 September. Violin virtuoso Renaud Capuçon and world-renowned tenor and Rolex Testimonee Rolando Villazón—two of the brightest stars in classical music—join forces to headline a phenomenal evening of Baroque and Romantic chamber music favorites! This soul-stirring Rolex Concert, part of the "Perpetual Music" series in support of struggling musicians, comes to you from the legendary stage of Paris's sumptuous Palais Garnier.

Isle of Wight musical festival, this is a blog from the Guardian newspaper about the iconic musical festival in 1970

This is on BBC on line so you need an account but it’s free to join up.

Some music in lieu of the fab Nottinghill carnival. Listen to Norman Jays carnival special. Have a carnival at home some fab sounds, tears of a clown, I’m jamming, I’m every woman and loads more to sing along to, I’m dancing round with my earphones on so join me if you like and If you like this there’s more to listen to.

See you all next week


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Sep 03, 2020

Corinne is very good Gail puts so much energy in whatever she does i like that


Sep 03, 2020

Thank you so much Corinne 💜


Sep 03, 2020

Am just thinking about a easy to handle cat Sandra


Sep 03, 2020

No def a big cat!


Sep 03, 2020

Thats good Sandra what about a small cat haha

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