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Ian is Back on Track

Having taken a break for a few months, Ian is back feeling inspired, running a new Peer Support Art Group at The Avenue plus cracking on with his fabulous painting..........

Hi everyone,

I've taken quite a break from the canvas, having last worked on it in August last year. The reason for leaving it and doing no more on Upbeat was because I found the stages too much the same each week. I started working on it again in January this year, and I'm working towards making a finish hopefully not too far off now.

So I thought a little up date on Upbeat would be interesting for you to see, and hopefully in a few weeks, I will be ready to present the finished canvas to you :)

Moving forward with the Mona canvas

At last getting to work on the canvas, in January I started work on the harbour section by adding more detail here to the buildings, also I detailed the traffic sign it took a few attempts to add the word "HALT " a very fine brush was needed here.

Then it was on to the two sets of railings on the harbour side and railway site, these took time to do with a fine brush but I was quite relieved to get these done!

Then on to the big sand stone long house, I did more work to this, also the restaurant with the battlement, then on to the clock on the station I painted in the clock face again a job for the fine brush......

Then it was on to The Creek pub the name "THE CREEK" I had to paint this out as it wasn't square enough so this will be put right very soon. I added cloud to the sky a few weeks ago and I'm quite happy with this it really has added life to the painting, also the church tower this I've worked on and detailed.

I hope you have found this little catch up interesting, by the end of May start of June I hope to have the finished canvas ready to show.

The first image is from where I took a long break last August, the second image is where I'm up to now....much I feel has been done in the last 12 weeks.

Bye for now and take care,


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