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Ian's Art Exhibition - Week 3

This week Ian shows us another 4 of his wonderful artworks with the thoughts behind them


The inspiration came from a black and white photo and I thought it would be interesting to do a canvas in colour...also this canvas has never had much of a viewing so I thought this would be a chance for all to see. The painting is on canvas and used acrylic paints. It was done in 2008 but I adjusted the sky about 10 years later as I wasn’t completely satisfied. Being interested in Aviation it was interesting to do and I worked away at it. Sometimes it’s nice to paint what you like as well as what other people might like. I still have the canvas at home


This painting I did with the art group last year and doing this again actually brought back to me the amount of detail I put into the original painting.....I don't think I've the same patience any more (lol) but it is most pleasing pic to view. I appreciate it more now after doing it again in the art group and I like it. I really see the detail in the beach with the rocks and stones. This is acrylics on card done in 2011. It took me a few months to complete and has been exhibited a lot and currently it’s on view in a café in Woolton.

Groudle Glen.

Acrylics on card, this painting was done in 2016. The inspiration came from visiting the Glen on the Isle of Man (by the Laxey Wheel)....there is something really quite fairy tale about the area. I think doing the water wheel took a little thinking out but on the whole is most pleasing to look at...I think if I were to do this again I would have more of a 3-D effect and show the waterfall more and scenery, maybe painting on more of an angle. It took about 5-6 weeks to complete and I see it every day as it sits on a trestle in the kitchen. I like it.

Liver Building.

Acrylics on canvas the canvas was done in 2016. I remember it seemed to start off so well, with lots of details in the building, then it's downfall was when I added the sky ....I worked on this several times but couldn’t get it right (and I wasn’t sure what I wanted it to look like). I don't have the canvas now but I put an image on in the Sepia effect again as I prefer this over the colour version. The inspiration here I cannot quite remember where from? The idea of an evening closing in and the clocks illuminated against the darkness with the liver birds towering above on the building seemed a great idea.....maybe I'll have a go again some time painting this one?

See you all again next week for exhib stage four. Take care, Ian.

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