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Ian's Art - Mona

This weeks blog from Ian gives us an insight into his artist practice and the painting of 'Mona':

Hi every one,

And welcome to Stage three for Mona Canvas:


I have had to make changes to the engine chassis for example at the front of the engine I had to change the position of the cylinder by the front buffer beam and I tried to add the main wheels with pencil which just did nothing for the engine so I decided to paint over this area in black which does look better now....certainly I've had many trials with this canvas....I actually thought about calling it a day with this project 'but where there is a will there is always a way' (lol) also i painted in the rear windows on the engine cab and at the chassis front end there is a pony truck it is triangular with a small pair of wheels you can see for the moment this is in a grey primer.

Train running boards-

These run to the platform level on the coach chassis and these are now added in a grey primer but eventually 'll be in a more weathered colour.

Back ground-

I did some more drawing in where the buildings are along the harbour and also harbour and started painting in the slate grey for the roofing for the buildings.

See you all soon for stage four and thank you for your encouraging comments on the blog.

Take care and stay safe,


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Mar 01, 2021

It's really a great work of art in progress. Thank you Ian sharing your own unique style to just the way you're happy with.


Feb 25, 2021

Beautiful you are a perfectionist .You work slowly to get it to the standard

you like Ian well done😂


Nikki G
Feb 25, 2021

Thanks for sharing another great post Ian. Fab to learn about your approaches to painting :)


Feb 25, 2021

Just goes to show how much actually goes into a painting, I'd never have known this. Glad you never gave up on Mona, Ian. :-)

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