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Ian's Art. Wavertree Wind Mill

Hi everyone, welcome to new art stages for Wavertree Mill.

Mona Canvas - I 'll be taking a break from this canvas for a few weeks and starting this new art project which I hope every one 'll enjoy.

Inspiration to do the mill - About two weeks ago my wife showed me an image on the Face book of where about the mill used to be. In all honesty we didn't really know there was a mill in Wavertree as seems the case with a lot of people? But I went for a look and eventually I found the area off Beverley Road where the mill was - there still remains cottages to do with the mill but where the mill was. It is over grown with out any trace of a mill ever being there...a real shame! It was demolished in 1916 but has been there since the 1400's so along history the image enclosed at the top this is the painting I'll do in colour with the quarry in the fore ground this was filled in around 1900 where Beverley Road is and built upon it is a shame there is nothing to mark where the mill but I hope my new canvas it'll stir some interest I've included some images of the mill as well.

Making a start - Firstly I did a few sketches of the mill and I wish I had of done the same with the shed building as when I tried to add this to the canvas it didn't go right but I decided to paint over this by adding in the sky then to add the shed building in again which is added now. But as for the mill the drawing went quite well and I can do bits to improve this as I progress with the canvas.

Bringing colour to the canvas - I've been looking forward to this. I 've now added a base coat to the sky and quarry face - this needs working on as the shade of the stone isn't right also the mill has had a touch of paint now when I added the mill I forgot to allow for the stairs leading up to the mill but these are now painted in. But it meant extending the wall as well on the quarry face which I've now done. Also I 've been improving the quarry face more and colours; it is in basic form but I'm sure 'll improve very much.

Artistic licence - With working from black and white photos certain parts of the painting may not be accurate even though I've done much research into the mill and site so a little bit of imagination 'll play a part here even though I 'll go all out to give this canvas some justice.

See you all soon for stage two.

Take care,


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4 commentaires

29 juin 2021

So lovely and interesting well done Ian


Nikki G
24 juin 2021

Really interesting Ian - a hidden history gem in Wavertree - thanks for sharing! And Fab start to the painting, a little creative license is always welcome in art (I think) 😊 Enjoy bringing it to life!


24 juin 2021

A great start Ian!


24 juin 2021


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