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Open Mic - A Zoom Adventure

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

Due to technical problems and a couple of people being away we were a bit thin on the ground this week, but we're happy to say we have Richard with a newly learnt song.

This is an upated version of Richard's song as we had a further glitch with the sound. But Pete has done wonders so it sounds great now and he's added a little period feel sepia tint! Thanks Pete.

Richard also led us to Joe Brown playing the same song at The Philharmonic, also worth a watch.

Hopefully next week the tech fairies will be working with us!

If you are interested in the Open Mic sessions and want to join in then fill in the Contact Us form on the 'Contact Us' tab. You don't have to prepare or read anything out - just come along and have a laugh. You also don't have to be on screen for any recordings - we can simply turn off your Video.

Why not give it a go?

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Jun 18, 2021


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