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Phone Photography Challenge: Colour

A great range of photos for you this week and big thanks to Corinne, Sheila, Gillian and Bev for this week's gallery.

From Corinne: I think it’s a tiger lily. My children planted it when they were little and it grows and flowers every year and reminds me of good times with them.

We've had challenges of memories and flowers and this answers both with one image.

From Sheila: One is taken on the beach at Kingsbarns, Fife. The other taken in the community garden Speke.

These images create a great contrast shown together like this.

From Gillian, 'light out of shade' and a great view of the Anglican Cathedral.

And from Bev: My youngest daughter Rachel did this piece of Art for her friend who should have got married last Saturday. I think it's beautiful.

It certainly is, Bev.

Bev: I made this with a large outdoor planter saucer/tray, wherever I go I love to take a few pebbles, rocks, and stones. Some of these thing's amongst the cactus, succulent, and Himalayan plant at the back, were things I'd picked up in Loch Lomond, Luss and Argyle. We even found crumbling natural quartz amongst a massive amount of rocks & stones on the River in the beautiful Luss, Scotland.

Love this arrangement, Bev.

Bev: These are some shells and pieces of washed up coral we picked up on Clearwater Beach in Miami, our first big holiday together, the sand was pure white like talcum powder, and we watched Seahorses go by in the calming sea, they were almost in a straight line in size from biggest at the front down to small ones at the back. It was so wonderful to see them, lovely memories we will treasure.

Answering the memories and small things challenges all in one!

Bev: Small Things, as a gardening group we planted some seeds, and we were delighted to see the seedlings grow!

Bev: Two very hungry caterpillars in our garden. Butterflies to Be! And a Happy Grasshopper on our outside wall.

The caterpillars shot gets my vote!

Thanks again for all the photos. Now on to this week's challenge which is colour.

What colours do you surround yourself with? Which colours are you most comfortable with, which ones make you feel relaxed and peaceful or are there colours which help you to feel lively and energetic? And what's your favourite?

We're looking for photos of anything which expresses the colours you love. So it could be an ornament, a mug, a painted wall, flowers, a piece of clothing...etc.

You can also send photos from the previou themes or anything which caught your eye this coming week.

Send them to: and happy snapping!

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