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Phone Photography Challenge: Sky

Before we get to this week's theme, a big thanks to Gail, Nicky, Dave, Ann, Annie, Nikki and Paddy for sending in their flower photos.

Here are three of Gail's wonderful close up shots with pollen covered visitors.

Here's Nicky's butterfly, Ann's gorgeous sweet william and white chrysanthemums

and Annie's Californian lilac - I think :-).

A basket from Paddy, tulips and a beautiful peace lily from Nikki.

Great choices for the garden from Dave and Paddy (right).

It's all about bees in these phtoos from Annie and Gail (middle).

Plants and flowers make the loveliest shadows. These from Paddy and Annie (right).

And finally, gorgeous shapes and colours with Paddy's buttecup and rose and Annie's wisteria.

Thanks again for sending them - they've made for a beautiful gallery.

And now for this weeks theme...

...which is sky. Whether you're able to go outside and sees lots of sky or if your patch is through your window and between buildings, you can still get an interesting shot. Use what you have and keep an eye on how different light at different times of day as well the weather, affects the sky.

Please send you photos of sky, or anything which has caught your eye this week to:

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