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Photography Challenge - Delicate

Big thanks to Bev, Gill and Gail for this week's gallery.

Her's Bev taking up the colour collection challenge. I really appreciate your having a few goes at this, Bev. I think I like this top down view best.

Meanwhile Gill has treated us to more fab art in the Baltic Triangle.

While Gail is sharing the delights of garden birds.

Our friend the robin.
Blue Tit

And a lovely sunset over the Mersey. I love the minimalism of this image.

Fab photos everyone. Thanks so much for sending them in.

This week's challenge is - delicate. What can you see around you which is delicate? It could be from the natural world or manmade.

Please send your photos on this or any other theme to:

Next week is poetry and the prompt was 'light'. But as ever, we welcome poetry on any theme.

Have a good week!

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