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Photography Challenge: Patterns in your home

Hello! Big thanks to Gillian and Dave for this week’s photos both on last week’s theme of colour.

Gillian spotted the way her colourful knives match her flowers. I also really like the contrast in the shapes and the way the knives sit on their holder almost like a spray of flowers.

Dave, meanwhile, noticed this rainbow on his headphones.

I also like the way the lines at the top contrast with the black behind the rainbow and the curved line botttom left. Now for this week’s challenge which is about the patterns around your home. As humans we are drawn to patterns and while there are many to be found in nature, we also like to bring patterns into our homes.

So what kinds of patterns have you chosen for your home? We’d love to see some photos of them. If you have plants which have patterns on their leaves or flowers, feel free to show us those too. Please send your photos on this or any theme to:

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2020. aug. 14.

Daves head phones brilliant and the lovely colours

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